Here's a collection of some of my favorite panty pix.
There's many different styles, fabrics, colors and brands.
Feel free to email your comments and requests.
Cheers! ~Bobbi Kini




My name is Bobbi Kini and I've been wearing panties for decades. The first time I tried on a pair of my wife's panties I was instantly hooked. It felt so naughty and erotic! I loved the way they felt so silky and smooth. I loved the way they fit. My male anatomy was held tightly but not crushed. I absolutely adored how they looked on me. I was suddenly girlish and it felt so good to admit that. I knew I had some feminine aspects to my persona, but growing up in the era I was in, being open to having a feminine side was frowned upon. Of course, these days this idea is totally out of date. By the way, I love seeing both men and women in their cute pretty panties. I hope you enjoy my panty photos and feel free to write me at the e-dress below. I'd love to hear from you and don't be shy: share some of your panty pix too.


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